Plans for the future... (2/1/24)
Working on graybox@neocities v2...
Until thats done, I'll be using the current layout I have to advertise my other projects.

Mini-Update! (6/15/23)
I added a visitor counter.

Mini-Update! (10/6/22)
I changed the scrollbars.

Site Birthday! (9/26/22)
This site officially turns one year old!

Mini-Update! (9/22/22)
Finnished writing my About Me box.

Update! (8/24/22)
Added Ted the Teddy Bear.

Mini-Update! (8/19/22)
Fixed up the buttons list.

A long awaited update... (8/12/22)
I did a major re-work on the site's CSS and changed the colorscheme.

Mini-Update! (6/21/22)
I changed the way this popup works.
It now uses an IFrame to make things easier for me!

Update! (6/20/22)
I just added an about me page!
It's not much right now, so I'd appreciate some ideas on what to add to it!

Welcome (N/A)
This site is currently a W.I.P, so there's not much here right now.

It also uses CSS generated backgrounds, LocalStorage API, SVG images, and somewhat modern JS so it might not run well on older devices.

It is responsive, though! So as-long as you're using a decently new browser on your mobile device this site will look fine!