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If you can't tell, this site is in a heavy work-in-progress stage (Since I'm really bad at maintaining things)...

If you wanna check some smaller stuff out in the meanwhile, heres some unfinished pages!

Stamps!⠀⠀Photo gallery—Comming soon!⠀⠀Projects—Comming soon!


Ill probably put this in a separate page soon, but...

• I'm Jean, but you can call me Jax
• My pronouns are She/They
• Occupation: Student
• I love alot of cute/pink things
• I'm a computer programmer with way too much free time.
• I have a dumb cat named Pulguis who does nothing with his life. (Twinsies!)
⠀⠀‣ A loose translation for Pulguis is Fleasy :)
⠀⠀‣ Pulguis is also the site "mascot" (He's the lil' cat with the bow-tie in the logo!)
⠀⠀‣ He actually has a blue bow-tie irl!
• I'm Dominican ! Hablo Espanol!
• I'm currently working on around 30 projects for fun ig
⠀⠀‣ Most of the projects I finished half-way and won't return to them until 2030 or something

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